martes, 24 de enero de 2012

My Testimonial - Barbara Smith actual customer

I want to tell my story and I want you to know that there is always a solution for everything!
First of all, let me introduce myself, my friends call me Sayid, I am from India actually studying maths in the USA, I am 22 years old .

When I arrived to this marvellous country I met a girl named Susan and we fell in love, things went really good for the first months, as  a love story, we shared our interests, went out together, hang out with the same guys, and we also live close! She was the girl I always dreamed of!  However my life was going to change for the bad soon!

During the vacations I went back to India, for a couple of weeks , where I met my family and friends
again, and then back to the USA. During my trip , Susan and me texted everyday, many times a day.
But, when I landed in the USA everything changed!
She wasnt interested in me anymore! and it was very strange because she told me that she loved me one day before !!! I couldn´t believe it!

So I decided to go to her house and ask for an explanation! I was desperated.
at first , she refused to see me, she even pretended she wasnt home. Finally she opened the door.

She was different, much different! her eyes looked strange, her tone of voice was diferent too. She dumped me! She said she couldnt explain it, but she felt it was wrong to be my girlfriend! I tried to make her realize that she was saying nonsenses, but there was no way.

I went back home crying.

A few days after I tried to talk again with her, with the same results.
Her words again were: "it is wrong to be with you" or something like that.

Just by coincidence a flyer was dropped to my house that day, it was advertising a psychic. just out of curiosity I called and arranged a meeting. The psychic was a man, just to make a long story short
he said I was put a "break them up spell" on me during my trip to India and some other things (predictions) . and he was right! I then realized that my mother is an old fashioned woman who wanted and arranged matrimony for me and she was really upset when I told her that i was in love with an american! bingo!

But, then my question was how to get rid of the spell? the psychic said It was a very strong black magic curse, and that he couldnt see if I was going to find a solution for this.

So I tried many spellcasters, voodoo practitioners, aura cleaners, etc etc and a long etc without results

I spent a lot of time and money , and day after day I was getting more depressed. finally I met Barbara Smith from who was a nice and caring woman from the start of the process I will describe below.

When I first emailed her she told me about the curse too! I was impressed that she agreed with the
psychic without giving her much information. She also stated it was someone in my family who did it. I replied and we moved on to the stage of finding a solution. She gave me two spells to choose, and said her spells were really powerful but my case was so difficult that she cannot give me a guarantee. I fell this good, because she was being very honest and sincere with me. So I accepted and she casted a spell to remove the curse and protect me  from other curses in the future.

A few days later I started feel good again, stronger, vigorous, and happy! my room also smelled like rose flowers!

I emailed Barbara and she said that it was a sign that the spell was working! and also said to wait a few more days before contacting Susan. and she was right!

Susan called me that same night! she was crying and begging for coming back with me, she said she was confused  and she couldnt explain why she dumped me!
The next day we met and we got back together! the spell worked as Barbara Smith said! I will always be thankful to this powerful woman from

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated or promoting Barbara Smith nor .
This is a real story that happened to me. I wrote it to tell people to never give up!